About us

About us

Brilliant POWER provides complete turnkey services including: system design, energy needs analyses, economic feasibility studies, installation, and commissioning. Our foremost objective is to deliver a quality, dependable product, and to do so with excellent customer service and support. We are determined to use only the highest quality, state of the art components.

Brilliant POWER is fully insured and maintains all necessary state and local licenses in compliance with the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center. As required, we use licensed plumbers, electricians and engineers.

In addition to Installations, Brilliant POWER is happy to service or assess an already existing system. For service calls, we charge $90 for the first hour and $60 for each subsequent hour.

We will be with you the whole way! We make going solar easy. We provide customer service throughout the entire process of the solar installation, making the switch to renewable energy easy for you. 

  • Evaluate Your Site For Solar
  • Generate a Detailed Proposal
  • Apply for all Grant Applications, and Utility Interconnections
  • File all Required Permits and Obtain Inspections
  • Install your Solar System!
  • Monitoring Systems Optional

Our Services

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Our Clients